Frequently Asked Questions

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What is PLR ?
The term 'PLR' stands for Private Label Rights. Every PLR license may include slightly different license terms. But basically, the license ‘Private Label Rights’ allows you to edit, change or label/rebrand the product contents in any way that you see fit. You can put your name as the author of the digital product (you may need to do some significant changes before you can claim to be the author of that digital product. You could change some words here and there or do a total change of the digital product) You'll get a 'non-exclusive license' which means others also can license the same item, just like stock images. Most favorably, unlike other digital contents, the PLR contents have no ongoing license fees or royalties with any kind of attribution to the original content producer. You may use the PLR contents to make your own courses, articles, workshops, blogs, webinars, social posts, autoresponder emails, lead magnets, or even physical products. It means you can use them in any areas of your business.
What is MRR ?
The term ‘MRR’ stands for Master Resell / Resale Rights . The non - exclusive license ‘Master Resell Rights’ allows you to resell the product usually with fewer privileges . Such as, most of MRR digital products can be resold, the license passed on to the buyers, but commonly with a MRR digital product, the buyer cannot edit, change or rebrand it under his / her name . You can sell a MRR digital product by transferring the MRR license to your buyers as well . This will make your buyers so happy because they also can start a digital product business with it .
What is RR ?
The term ‘RR’ stands for Resell / Resale Rights . The non - exclusive license ‘Resell Rights’ allows you to resell the product usually with more fewer privileges compared to MRR . You can resell the RR digital products but you cannot grant any further resell right license to your buyers . In other words, you can only sell the RR digital products with personal usage license to your buyers . (Your buyers cannot resell them)
What is Personal ?
Personal means the content or such a product cannot be resold in anyway . The content is basically for your own learning and personal . if you cannot find any reseller license to the product, then it often means personal .
What is Commercial ?
Most commonly all the PLR & MRR products are commercial . Commercial you to distribute the product / contents for your client's works/projects where you will charge a price for your work and time.
What is GAR?
The term ‘GAR’ stands for Give Away Rights. It would probably be a license term already mentioned in a PLR or MRR license that will allow you to distribute/share to a list of your free subscribers on an email list. These products may even include full resale rights but it is not essential to resell these products if you just need to give them away for free.
How to know which products have PLR, MRR or RR?
We have already included an indicator as PLR, MRR or RR next to the description of each product showing the type of specific product license. If you have any inquiry about a product, don’t hesitate to always contact us.
How to make money with PLR & MRR?
You can request or purchase top quality PLR & MRR digital products/contents from us. We are always doing the best price for you compared to competitors. No one can beat us from price or even quality. You can just order our quality PLR & MRR products and resell them in anywhere that you see fit. Check this link to see some smart ways how you can use the PLR & MRR digital products in your life.
How to purchase?
When you see your preferred products, just add them to cart by either clicking on the ‘Add to cart’ or cart icon. Once you have considered purchasing them at checkout, you would be required to enter your desired login details. You will then be redirected to secured payment gateway to complete your purchase.
How can I get access to the download?
After the purchase is complete, just click on your account. The download links for your purchased digital products would be shown in PDFs as soon as the order is successfully completed.
Can I access my purchased products in future?
As long as you know the login credentials, you can login to your account and access all of your product purchases there. Note: You must not share your login credentials to others. If reported any misuse on your account, we have the right to restrict your account.
What files formats do the downloaded files come in?
Almost all the digital products/contents come in .ZIP file format. If you have a Windows PC, just right click on the downloaded zip file and select ‘Extract All’ then select ‘OK’. If you have a Mac PC, just double click on the downloaded zip file to open it. You may also install a free software called 7-Zip that will allow you to unzip/extract these zip files.